Here is some feedback Charlie received about "The Dig."


Please Tell Mr Fiennes that he gave us back our Uncle Walter and that was wonderful. . . . Thank you


What a film ! We both thoroughly enjoyed it , at some points it even made me cry because Ralph's mannerisms reminded me so much of my Father. It wasn't just his dialect but the delivery and the way he was such a typical Suffolk person who thinks a lot and says a little ! We both loved it and well done you for the part you played in helping make such a success.


I've just watched 'The Dig' and I wanted to tell you that Basil Brown was so like my father it has made me cry, but in a good way. With his cap on his head and his pipe in his mouth, always dressed in a shirt and jacket, belonging to the soil of Suffolk, that was my dad. Thank you for helping with that.   


Have just finished watching The Dig. What a wonderful film, really showing off Suffolk and the discovery of the ship burial. You did a fantastic job with Ralph Fiennes, we could hear him channelling your voice and sayings, especially "thank you kindly!"


We have just finished watching The Dig. What a beautiful film. Perfect in every detail and not least the dialect. It was lovely to see your name on the credits.
Well done you!


I’ve just finished watching the film. Loved it. . . . . I just have to say the Suffolk accents - Ralph’s in particular - were so good. You did an incredible job. It made me smile throughout the film. . . . There was something so special about watching a big new film like that  . . . which was so unmistakably ‘Suffolk’. . . . Brilliant work, Charlie!   


We thought that the film was a superb portrayal of friendship, history, and the history of English archaeology. We enjoyed the class politics subtext and how the relationship between Mrs Pretty and Basil Brown defied the pressures of the British Museum by way of their mutual respect of one another  with an enjoyable and rarer dynamic compared to the usual ‘they-fall-in-love’ plots of traditional Hollywood. . . . . Of course, being a Suffolk born man it was rather a highlight to hear Ralph Fiennes and others speak proper Suffolk and not some debasement of a beautiful dialect - Credit to the cast!


From Australia   We watched “The Dig” last night on Netflix and I can’t tell you how much we enjoyed it and even more so when we saw your name in the credits!  You did a grand job teaching those movie stars to speak Suffolk and made us feel quite homesick!


From Japan  I watched The Dig and loved it. It actually made me homesick Very interesting. I shared it with a load of people here in Japan, mainly ex-pats from the UK, the US, Australia etc. They all loved it too and commented on how great the accents were. People also commented on the history buried in England along with how beautiful the Suffolk landscape is. They have really enjoyed the film here on Netflix Japan and they have enjoyed learning more about the Sutton Hoo findings.


Email from Redmond Morris, Co-producer "The Dig"

Hey Charlie . . So it all came to fruition!  Radio 4! (interview) Hilarious.