Interesting Links

Our other sites - this site is under construction but will be launched properly in the autumn. We hope it will become the web's premiere resource for Suffolk dialect material. The site will house our exciting interactive dialect map that enables you to hear how the accent changes across the county. - this ties in with our publication "How To Speak Essex" and for future publications in the Essex series. - the home of our latest Suffolk Voice!

Sites of local interest - just down the road from us in Starston, Michael and Dee make very classy audio books. Highly recommended - this London based company prints all our CDs. They price competively but their customer service is excellent: if you have a problem or a query, there is always someone on the end of the phone to help - Richard is the computer brains behind the interactive dialect map software, to be launched in this winter. - we receive many comments praising the quality of the portrait photos on our CDs. This is entirely due to the skill of Des Fisher. - based in Cromer, Poppyland are a fine publisher of local books, not least Peter Trudgill's excellent "The Norfolk Dialect"! - we popped into this delighful establishment on a hot June afternoon in 2008 and was suddenly struck with the idea for a Bungay CD. The Bungay CD is a personal favourite as is the Castle Inn. The food (and the reception you get) is invariably superb. Check out Helen Cockburn's pictures on their walls - this is where we found our studio cat, Amy!